Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 5

The Offer and Close of Your Sales Letter
You want to present your offer in a clear organized fashion.

If you are throwing out offers all over your sales letter in sporadic fashion, its just going to confuse your prospect. They will be jumping back and forth from the first paragraph, to the last page, and everywhere in between. You will find that you’re response rate will be very low. You can’t confuse people and expect them to buy from you. Continue Reading

Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 4

The Body Copy

The body copy is the heart and soul of your sales pitch and it often starts with ‘Dear’ and then the person’s name, like ‘Dear John’. If it is possible try to use the persons name. You want your sales letter to be as personal as possible. You want the person to feel as if it was really written just for them.

So here are the five most common mistakes people make in the body of their sales letters. Continue Reading

Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 3

The Lead

The Lead In is the copy directly beneath your headline. This is meant to supplement your message. You should be able to just read the headline and the lead in to get the whole idea of your sales message.

This is a test for you to do with any sales letter you’re writing, or reading to see if the sales letter is a good one. Continue Reading

Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 2

Creating A Powerful Headline

Today you are going to learn the four essential strategies you need to be using to create powerful attention grabbing headlines.

The headline is the most important part of the sales letter because it is the first thing your prospect reads to determine these three things about you.

Number one, you’re intelligent; number two, your excited about what you’re doing, and number three, you actually know what you’re talking about. Continue Reading

Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 1

The Six Elements of Influence

I would say, if there is one skill that really allows online marketers to soar above others in their world it’s the ability to write effective sales letters. Sales letters that convert prospects into paying customers are a marketer’s bread and butter.

In the online world your sales letter is your script and in those scripts you rely on six basic elements of influence.

Here they are. Continue Reading

The Power of Using Testimonials

One of the most persuasive ways to close a client or make a sale is by having powerful testimonials.

There are two things I want to discuss today regarding testimonials. Number one is how to get testimonials, and number two is how to structure a testimonial.

There are two main styles of testimonials that are used across the board. People will typically give you a Video testimonial, which is usually 30 seconds to 1 minute in length, and then there are written testimonials which should be just Continue Reading

Seven Biggest Mistakes Article

There are seven big mistakes that people make when starting a business, or new division of their company. I have seen this happen over and over again, and it tends to hold back a business’s success. There are businesses out there that do everything right, but one small tweak in the wrong direction can completely collapse it. Continue Reading

7 Skills of Successful Business Owners

It’s important to constantly track trends and new ideas for increased profitability in your business.

The business world is constantly changing an improving. Looking for new ways to improve your customers experience and streamline your operations, will not only increase your profit margin, but it will also improve the quality of your life. In order to establish increased profitability for your business, you need to master a new set of skills. Continue Reading

7 Biggest Mistakes Of Inner Game

One: Focusing on Goals Rather Than Your Vision
Number one -Focusing on goals rather than your vision.

The word goal has become a weak word over time. It really just symbolizes something that someone would like to have happen, but does not really expect to happen.

Instead, you want to have a vision. Just the word vision has so much more power to it. Just think about when you ask someone what the next five years looks like for him or her. Notice the difference in posture, confidence, and passion when they begin telling you about their vision for the future, and what that looks like, and feels like, what they will do when they arrive at that destination. Continue Reading

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