Writing Effective Sales Letters – Part 5

The Offer and Close of Your Sales Letter
You want to present your offer in a clear organized fashion.

If you are throwing out offers all over your sales letter in sporadic fashion, its just going to confuse your prospect. They will be jumping back and forth from the first paragraph, to the last page, and everywhere in between. You will find that you’re response rate will be very low. You can’t confuse people and expect them to buy from you.

If you find a structure that is converting well, stick with it. That doesn’t mean that you can tweak it a little here and there, just make sure you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel. There are some people out there that are really good at writing sales letters and closing with high conversion rates. I would suggest buying some of their stuff, or subscribing to their lists. Pay close attention to their selling style, and try and get some good ideas.

One guy that is really good at closing is Mike Koenigs. His offers are irresistible, because the value of his products far exceeds the price, and he knows it. So, he really does a great job of introducing how much value something has, and how it can benefit you. Then once he has sold you on what an amazing amount of resources you are getting, he gets to the price at the very end, and it is like 90% less than you thought it was going to be, and you can’t help but buy it.

The most important thing to do in your offer is to tell them everything they are going to get, and what the benefit is to each item. Show them an example of how the value exceeds the actual dollar amount they will be paying, and then loop back to the benefits again. You want to keep going back to the benefits and reminding them why they are getting such a great value.

Another great strategy is to give them a sense of urgency to buy right now. You can use a couple different tactics for this, or you can incorporate both.

One way to do this is with bonuses. You can offer a bonus to people that buy within a certain amount of time. So for instance, you can say ‘buy this product in the next 3 days, and I will give you xyz as bonus, that bonus is values at $2,000, but you can only get it if you buy in the next 3 days.’

Another tactic you can use is scarcity. This is basically just telling them that you have a limited amount a product at this really low price, and when these 50 copies are gone you are raising the price by double. This gets people to act very quickly.

You have to make sure to stand your ground when you are offering bonuses, or a limited supply of something. Don’t just use it to sell more product and scare people into buying it. If you are really going to raise your price, then you have to raise your price when you say you will. If someone comes to your site after the deadline, the price will be double or the bonus will be gone.

The P.S. Section

The p.s. section gets as much attention as the headline because it is the last thing people read.

Researchers say that people usually remember the first thing they read, and the last thing they read, and everything in between is forgotten by the end.

So the most important parts of a sales letter are the headline, the lead in, and the p.s. The content of the letter is important to, but if you get those three things wrong, you will have a hard time closing sales.

So, take advantage of the power of a p.s. Don’t just think of it as an afterthought, really think of it as the last chance to sell what you have to offer. You want to give you p.s. just as much attention as your headline. So make it really powerful, and drive home the benefits.

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